Hello Partridgeberry Woods Homeowners and welcome to our website!

Here you will be able to access current and past newsletters, financial information, abutters information, and our Trust document. 

What is the Partridgeberry Woods Trust and why is there an annual assessment fee?

The Trust was created to protect and maintain the common land located within the Partridgeberry Woods development. The common land originated as part of town requirements around minimum acreage for new home construction. Because not all of the homes in the neighborhood met the minimum town requirements for acreage at the time of construction, the common lands were included to make up for the shortfall. The Trust was put in place to maintain this common land. The Trust document provides that the Trustees can be compensated for their services, but neither the past group of trustees nor the current trustees have requested compensation and work is done on a volunteer basis.

Common Lands are the Long Hill Road and Jenkins Road entrances, pond area, several stretches of land along Riverbend Drive and Wintergreen Lane. These are areas that are “owned” by all of us, and are accessible to all the homeowners in our subdivision. However, all common lands are under the jurisdiction of the Groton Conservation Commission; so any homeowners that abut the common lands must be aware of restrictions set forth by the commission. If you are an abutter and you are planning changes to your property, it is a good idea to contact the trustees to make them aware of your changes and verify the property lines of the common land.

Your annual dues cover costs for administration and operation for the common lands. This includes Post Office Box rental, website hosting, attorney fees, postage, real estate taxes, liabilility insurance, and landscaping maintenance and upkeep.

Please do not hestitate to contact the Trustees is you have any questions.